Elibe Software

Our team of skilled professionals designs and develops our own SaaS and IaaS solutions. Also, we tailor the software to meet the specific needs of different businesses across sectors. Here is a compilation of our solutions designed to benefit particular domains.
Medicine and Healthcare
Teledoctor - The Teledoctor is a complete solution for booking medical appointments and online consultations with certified healthcare specialists

Hospital management system - this is a web solution for the Doctors, Trust and Hospitals to maintain all doctors, patients and receptionists of the hospital or clinic.

Mednesis - a complex platform facilitating the exchange of medical records between patients and healthcare professionals, streamlining the process for increased efficiency and organization.
Education and Trainings
Training Center - a platform specifically designed for Qualiopi certification, the software encompasses the entire training and skill management lifecycle, catering to various roles and diverse organizational types.

Faino School - an educational online platform that can be used for the needs and peculiarities of any form of learning. The platform integrates features for automatic homework checking, creating an individualized approach to education, as well as interactive presentations and videos for lessons.

Educational center ERP - an integrated and comprehensive solution designed to streamline and enhance the management of educational institutions including student enrollment, attendance tracking, grade management, communication tools, etc.
Repairing and building
Renolab Quotation - is an online service that combines all the necessary approaches to select the necessary materials, equipment, and resources, while staying within the defined budget. It also offers its customers repair services for housing.
ERP production plant with producing line integration
PlantERP ERP - is an ERP system that integrates industrial production, operations, financial management, and asset management. It is a modular system that can be scaled to meet each customer's specific needs. The system is designed to help businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs, and make better decisions.
Delivery management and logistics
Preparation Center - Software for Amazon preparation center management. The software includes a warehouse, packing calculation modules, packing interface integration with marketplaces and parcel services, client part, and financial module.

PackToBox - An ERP system for warehouses and delivery services with the main feature of packing the items based on their values into the appropriate and most relevant boxes.

Marketplace and Delivery - An online marketplace system with functionalities and user roles required for online purchasing, order management, and customer product delivery.

TMS - transport management system: Efficient transport is the foundation of a smooth supply chain. We offer a comprehensive approach to solving transport problems, optimizing routes, minimizing costs, and ensuring on-time deliveries.

WMS - is a warehouse management system: Our system automates warehouses of all sizes and purposes, providing efficient inventory management, accurate order processing, and real-time visibility.
Invoice and payroll software
Elibe PayrollPro - this service allowing organizations to automate the calculation of employee salaries, taxes, deductions, and benefits. It ensures accurate and timely payroll processing, eliminates manual errors, and provides comprehensive payroll reports.
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